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That binds a life for life

7 March
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Hi, my name is Cayt, and I am addicted to music. I can’t play a lick of it, but I cannot go a single day without it in my life. It’s the first thing I hear in the morning, and the last thing I hear at night.

Other than that, I am shy but opinionated, quick on my feet but clumsy, pretty damn smart but very self-deprecating, and good at the liberal arts, meaning English and painting. I tend to wax philosophical and poetical at times, but also can fly into long hyper rants. I claim I am insane, but only so people stop looking at me weird. I can make people laugh easily, and just as easily make them angry. More often than not, I respond to the name 'Grace,' because I don't have any. I trip over lint on the ground, for crying out loud, and don't even ask how the railing on the stairwell got broken.

I also write fanfiction- my stuff from now on can be found here. It's friendslocked, so just add me, and I'll add you back. Pass it on to anyone you know who reads my stuff, please.

Crazy Hookers are <33333333333

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Favorite Quotes

"Writers aren't exactly people- they're a whole lot of people trying to be one person."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

"You can run... you can hide... you can down caffiene until you're bouncing off the walls like a yo-yo on speed, but in the end, it'll always catch up to you- sleep."
-From lonelybrit

"O, I am slain!"
- Polonius, from Shakespeare's Hamlet. ::eyeroll::

"Here's some porn; go keep yourself busy."
- My brother, during a late-night conversation... I think he was tired.

What People Think of Me
remember_nomore: My cute lil clutz and orig of the fab wordy four.
theferretgirl: My very first Angel :-) And a very funny fellow klutz.
queen_mecha: insano sugar addict!!11!!!!
thiswholeflight: An intensely wonderful girl. She's incredible and always thinking with her heart. If you're friends with her, you're a lucky one. :)
kellygyrl: really awesome, totally cool and a SUPER DUPER AWESOME person! :)
dawnie1970: cool and smart.

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